Trip to the river

Walking with them in Nature is an adventure my Rebel Teen arguing when are we getting there, my explorer wanted to run to get there, my back telling me to go back and chill and my girlfriend wanted to kill me because I laugh about it but at the end of the trail we got to the waterfall and they loved the price at the end and forgot for one hour that we have to walk back 45 min to get to the car to get home. 😂

School finals!!

My Rebel teen has 138, 2 points shy from genius, she did the test laying down in the couch doing something else, She does not like doing test She does not like them even she says school is dumb, but at least I got a kiss this morning and a hug. My explorer loves school He just don’t like breaking or changing his schedule sometimes I feel like an assistant of my kids.


Waking up in the morning Raising a teenage girl I don’t get good mornings anymore sometimes nor a good bye. When they come from school it is what have you cook or my favorite it is I’m bored Dad!! Or were is my phone. I’M I THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS KIND OF DRAMA??

Going to the pirate hideout in Puerto Rico!

We went as a Family my Rebel teen, my little explorer, my parter in crime and me, my Rebel didn’t talk to me directly or my partner in crime for the whole period in time so she talked trough my little explorer or trough body language that I have became an expert on it. We have a great time even when my rebel dint talk at all.